Gratry's Philosophy by Julian Marias

ATF Press are publishing a long-awaited English translation of Julian Marias' Spanish language book, La Filosofia del Padre Gratry.

Translated by Sr Mary L. O'Hara CSJ, the title is "Gratry's Philosophy, A Translation of Julian Marias' La Filosofia del Padre Gratry."

Available for purchase from ATF Press here.

Mary L. O'Hara, C.S.J.

Mary L. O’Hara, C.S.J. (1923–2013), professor emerita of philosophy and lifelong resident of St. Paul, Minnesota, joined the Sisters of St. Joseph (1940) and attended the College of St Catherine (now University) where she later taught as professor and chair of philosophy. A master’s degree from Louvain and doctorate from the Catholic University of America (1956) launched her lifelong work in education and scholarship which took her to Yale Divinity School as a fellow, and to centers of learning on five continents.

During a monastic experience (1973–1979), she attended the Monastic Interreligious Dialogue in Petersham, Massachusetts as delegate and secretary (1977). Later, in India, she researched the life of the Jain nuns (1984–1985).

At the 2006 Colloque Gratry, marking the 200th anniversary of his birth, she recounted her own journey with Gratry. As a young graduate student in the 1950s taking her first course on the history of philosophy, she chose to study the thought of Pêre Gratry, thinking that it would be easier to comprehend than, for example, that of Hegel.  Here she discovered Julián Marías’s work, La Filosofia del Padre Gratry, and finding it “très bon,” she promised herself that “when she was older” she would translate it into English. A happy meeting with M. Marías gave her occasion to ask his permission to translate it, and he gave her a copy for this purpose in Madrid in 1985.

Mary’s books include Persons and Personality: An Introduction to Psychology (1953) with co-author Annette Walters, C.S.J., The Future of Religious Life: The Carondelet Conference (1990), and The Logic of Human Personality: An Onto-Logical Account (1998). Presentations at international symposia, articles and reviews for academic publications in philosophy, law, science, culture, the ethics of life, and spirituality, and writing and lectures for the general public made her contributions widely accessible. 

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